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Native Fauna

Biodiversity and Conservation

A list of the fauna likely to be found within a 25 km radius of Alice Springs, including birds, mammals, frogs and reptiles. List compiled by Land for Wildlife central Australia – Download

Want to attract more wildlife to your property? This might be just what you need to get started. Fact sheet by Land for Wildlife central Australia – Download

Fact sheet on making backyards biodiversity friendly. Fact sheet by the Threatened Species Network – Download

Getting kids active with conservation activities can be a great way to get them on the right path with conserving the natural world. Fact sheet on Conservation for Kids by Land for Wildlife – Download

Paula Peeters has a website Paperbark Writer, on which you can find a host of fun activities where Australian nature meets science and art. You can follow her on Facebook. You can also download her free resource, Make a Date With Nature: an Introduction to Nature Journaling – Download

Biodiversity Surveys

Land for Wildlife conducts biodiversity surveys on member properties on an annual basis. You can view the Biodiversity Surveys for 2008, 2009 and 2010. You can also view the Bird Bath Biodiversity Survey for 2017.

You can also read about a pilot study done by Heidi Groffen (a previous Land for Wildlife coordinator) aimed at enhancing Land for Wildlife member knowledge in property self-assessment methods – Download

Wildcare Inc

If you find any injured wildlife or find yourself in a traffic accident with wildlife, contact Wildcare Inc Alice Springs and follow instructions in this fact sheet – Download


Flora/fauna profiles for the 2010 Biodiversity survey (see above for the whole report) – Download

Want to identify signs of animal life? You can follow our guide to Nests, Tracks, Scats, Burrows and Other Signs – Download

What about the small flying mammals that are often forgotten? Build bat boxes to install on your property and provide them with a safe space – Download and Download


Identification guide to the birds of Central Australia. Produced by Birds in Backyards – Download

Identification guide for soaring birds. Produced by Land for Wildlife Central Australia – Download

Guidelines for the Development of Bird Habitat. Fact sheet by Birds In Backyards – Download

If you dream of a garden filled with birds, you will be pleased to know that the needs of these creatures are nowhere as diverse as the entertainment that they will provide you. Learn how to attract birds to your garden. Fact sheet by Greening Australia – Download

Feeling crafty? Make a nest box for birds! Here’s the plan – Download

Did you know that you can go bird watching at the Alice Springs Water Stabilisation Ponds? You will need to go through a few steps first. Head to the PowerWater bird watching website or read their fact sheet – Download


Want to attract lizards to your garden? Learn how here. Fact sheet by Greening Australia – Download


Want to attract frogs to your garden? Learn how here. Fact sheet by Greening Australia – Download


The best local guide to identifying central Australian butterflies – Download

Central Australian Butterflies and Their Food Plants. Information compiled from notes and talk by Stuart Traynor to the Australian Plants Society, 2004, describes some of the best plants to attract butterflies to your garden – Download

Want to attract butterflies to your garden? Learn how here. Fact sheet by Greening Australia – Download

Case moths have given us a case of invertebrate fever. Learn more about the Psychidae with the Land for Wildlife fact sheet – Download

An identification resource for the grasshoppers of Alice Springs. Produced by Land for Wildlife Central Australia – Download

A guide to identifying the common ants of the Alice Springs region, listing the common identifying features and images of the worker ant, foraging trail and nest. Fact sheet by CSIRO and the Threatened Species Network – Download

A guide to the ant trails of Alice Springs. Fact sheet by the Threatened Species Network – Download

Information on Termites from Dr Don’s Termite Page – Download

Bee Walls, Habitat and Nesting Blocks. Insects play an important role in the ecosystem and sometimes they need a helping hand to find somewhere to stay dry or reproduce. Learn how to make a native bee hotel in this fact sheet, with information provided by Tim Heard. Fact sheet by the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee – Valley Bees – Download

What bug is that? A guide to Australian insect families – helpful in narrowing things down a little – Download