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Feral Animal Trap Loans

Land for Wildlife offer feral animal traps for loan to members and the general public, including traps for:

  • Dog (Canis familiaris)
  • Cat (Felis catus) – more info…
  • Spotted Turtle-dove (Streptopelia chinensis) – more info…

These species (and several others) are declared as feral through a Gazette process and are therefore not protected under the NT Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act. This means that you do not require a permit to take or interfere with these species, unless such activities are being conducted within a Park or Reserve. In line with the declaration, members of the public are able to trap these species on their private property for feral animal control purposes.

Feral cat caught in a trap and snapped on the camera.

Feral species can be dispatched through a set of Standard Operating Procedures, which vary from animal to animal. Euthanasia must be painless, avoid stress to the animal, and induce rapid loss of consciousness and death, adhering at all times to the Animal Welfare Act.

Land for Wildlife recommends that if you are not professionally trained to euthanize feral animals ethically according to the SOPs, you:

  • Deliver live trapped feral birds to the Alice Springs Desert Park for humane disposal
  • Deliver live trapped feral and domestic cats, dogs, and other feral animals to the Alice Springs Animal Shelter

Before trapping begins, it is wise to make yourself aware of the Ethical Considerations of Trapping. We also request that you complete a Feral Animal Trapping Agreement before using any Land for Wildlife traps.

Once you begin a trapping program, please fill out a Catch Record Form, which will assist us with keeping tabs on feral animal trapping needs.

We recommend that persons undertaking trapping activities make themselves aware of the Animal Welfare Act and their obligations under the law, and to be mindful of the welfare, health and safety of all animals whilst conducting trapping programs.