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Local Organisations

Parks and Wildlife Commission NT

You can contact the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory (NT) about park access, facilities and walking trails, or submitting a permit.

w. Northern Territory Government

e. parkmanagement.pwcnt@nt.gov.au

p. 08 8951 8250

Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC)

w. Alice Springs Town Council

e. astc@astc.nt.gov.au

p. 08 8950 0500

Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM)

Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works with landholders, community groups, industry and government in the Northern Territory to ensure sustainable management of our water, land, soils and biodiversity.

w. Territory Natural Resource Management

e. info@territorynrm.org.au

p. 08 8959 6020

Landcare NT

Landcare NT is the peak body representing Landcare groups in the Northern Territory. Landcare NT aims to represent, strengthen, support and grow the Northern Territory’s community Landcare movement to improve the health of the natural environment and working landscapes in the interests of the community and future generations.

w. Landcare NT

e. info@landcarent.org.au

p. 0476 516 631


w. PowerWater

e. customerservice@powerwater.com.au

p. 1800 245 092

Tjuwanpa Womens Ranger and Ntaria Junior Rangers

The Tjuwanpa Ranger Group is the longest established of the Central Land Council Ranger groups, having started operations under CDEP arrangements in 2005. Work includes aerial and ground-based burning programs to reduce the buffel grass fuel loads on land trusts and within neighbouring national parks in the region, mustering and fencing projects to reduce the impacts of feral horses, facilitating Junior Ranger activities with local school children, ongoing population monitoring and weed control around populations of the endangered Slater’s skink, Athel pine control along parts of the Finke catchment, continuing with studies in Conservation and Land Management.

w. Central Land Council

e. sbraybon@yahoo.com.au

Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC)

For 35 years, the Arid Lands Environment Centre has been a strong and trusted voice for the conservation and responsible management of the land, water and natural resources of Central Australia. Their vision is ‘healthy futures for arid lands and people’.

w. Arid Lands Environment Centre

e. info@alec.org.au

p. 08 8952 2497

Alice Springs Landcare Inc

Alice Springs Landcare Inc is comprised of four local landcare groups with their own coordinator. You can get involved in field days to learn about some of the local landcare issues.

w. Alice Springs Landcare Inc

e. info@alicespringslandcare.com & sunildhanji@y7mail.com

Australian Plants Society Alice Springs Inc

An enthusiastic group of with a primary interest in learning about the local native plants. Meetings take place at Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Tuncks Road once a month. They are also involved in other activities including a display at the annual Alice Springs Show, native plant sales, monitoring populations of rare plants and field trips to observe and learn about unique central Australian flora.

w. Australian Plants Society Alice Springs Inc

e. apsalicesprings@yahoo.com.au

p. 08 8952 2154

Alice Springs Field Naturalists Club

A group of people of all ages, interested in the natural world. Many of the group are experts in particular fields: geology, fauna, and flora. All are keen both to learn and to share their particular knowledge with others. They host monthly meetings and field trips to locations of interest.

w. Alice Springs Field Naturalists Club

e. bjfedders@gmail.com & fedders@octa4.net.au

p. 08 8955 5452

Wildcare Inc Alice Springs

Wildcare Inc Alice Springs is a group of volunteers committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned, injured, and ill native animals. They have cared for over 200 joeys and approximately 150 birds (including numerous birds of prey) since July 2015 all needing constant care and treatment. They assisted a number of echidna, reptiles and the odd unusual creature during their day to day care. Alongside caring for the large number of animals they contribute to: Coordinate the rescue of native wildlife in Central Australia, manage a rescue phone service, manned by a team of volunteers, respond to requests for advice in caring for native wildlife, provide emergency care packs to communities and stations, provide training for volunteer carers, care for and rehabilitate a range of birds, mammals and reptiles, work in conjunction with NT Parks & Wildlife to facilitate the release of successfully rehabilitated wildlife, maintain equipment and facilities at rehabilitation sites, undertake fundraising activities.

w. Wildcare Inc Alice Springs

e. wildcareasp@gmail.com

p. 0419 221 128

Alice Springs Desert Park

Immerse yourself in the beauty and mystery of Australia’s deserts.Wander through the ancient landscape. Experience the animals of the night. Discover the diversity of desert plants. Be inspired by ancient living cultures with local Aboriginal guides. Marvel at the energy and spirit of free flying birds.

w. Alice Springs Desert Park

e. asdp@nt.gov.au

p. 08 8951 8788

Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Alice Springs Reptile Centre is home to the largest reptile display in Central Australia and is a wealth of information.

w. Alice Springs Reptile Centre

e. enquiries@reptilecentre.com.au

p. 08 8952 8900

If you find a snake on your property, call the Snake call-out number 0407 983 276 and seek advice or removal services.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

The Kangaroo Sanctuary (also a Land for Wildlife member) is the home of Brolga and his mob of kangaroos as seen on Kangaroo Dundee a BBC UK / National Geographic USA documentary which is shown in over 90 countries. It is now up to its third series. Brolga first established the baby kangaroo rescue centre in Alice Springs in 2005. He then went on to build his own wildlife sanctuary from 2009 to 2011. The Kangaroo Sanctuary’s mission is to educate and encourage people to rescue and care for kangaroos.

w. The Kangaroo Sanctuary

e. brolga@kangaroosanctuary.com

Alice Springs Animal Shelter

The Alice Springs Animal Shelter cares for hundreds of animals each year. Animals are bought into the shelter by concerned members of the public, the Alice Springs Council Rangers, and some even find their own way to the shelter.  These animals are often escaping or have been rescued from situations where they have been mistreated, a lot quite severely and are in desperate need of tender loving care.  The Alice Springs Animal Shelter’s purpose is to care for animals, nursing them back to health by providing them medical treatment, food, water, safe, clean, warm shelter and to look after them while they are waiting for their forever home.

w. Alice Springs Animal Shelter

e. admin@alicespringsanimalshelter.com.au

p. 08 8953 4430

Batchelor Institute

w. Batchelor Institute

e. enquiries@batchelor.edu.au

p. 08 8951 8300

Charles Darwin University

w. Charles Darwin University

e. student.central@cdu.edu.au

p. 08 8959 5311

Red Kangaroo Books

w. Red Kangaroo Books

e. Online Form

p. 08 8953 2137

Plant Nurseries

Alice Springs Nursery

Located on the Ross Highway, Alice Springs, the nursery is one of two main nurseries in town and stocks a few local native plants.

p. 08 8952 5055

Geoff Miers Garden Solutions

Located on Lindsay Avenue, Alice Springs, the nursery is one of two main nurseries in town and stocks a few local native plants. Also a good source of information and advice with respect to local native planting and associated gardening issues.

p. 08 8953 7477

Tangentyere Nursery

Running since 1984, growing native plants for Alice Springs town camps and community bushland management programs. Free plant program for local indigenous residents. Selection of native plants and bush food.

w. Tangentyere Council

p. 08 8951 4222

Australian Plants Society Alice Springs Inc

Plant sales at Olive Pink Botanic Garden and Alice Springs Show (keep an eye open for such sales being advertised through our newsletter and elsewhere). Seeds for sale at Olive Pink Botanic Garden and Watertank Cafe. Also host a growers group. See network contacts.

Charles Darwin University

Previously run by Greening Australia. Occasional sales to staff and students only.

Ntaria / Hermannsburg

Native plants to grow and plant scheme.

Land for Wildlife National

Land for Wildlife is present in many other states. Moving away from Central Australia? You may wish to get in touch with the Land for Wildlife coordinator for your jurisdiction:

Northern Territory Top End

The Northern Territory Top End Land for Wildlife scheme is coordinated by Greening Australia.

w. Land for Wildlife

e. info@nt.greeningaustralia.org.au

p. 08 8947 3793

Western Australia

The Western Australian Land for Wildlife scheme is coordinated by the Government of Western Australia Parks and Wildlife.

w. Land for Wildlife

e. lfw@dpaw.wa.gov.au

p. 08 9219 9527

South Australia – N/A

There are currently no Land for Wildlife programs running in South Australia.


The Tasmanian Land for Wildlife scheme is coordinated by the Tasmanian Government Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

w. Land for Wildlife

e. Iona.Mitchell@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

p. 03 6165 4409


The Victorian Land for Wildlife scheme is coordinated by Victoria State Government Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

w. Land for Wildlife

e. peter.johnson@depi.vic.gov.au

p. 03 5430 4358

Head to the Regional Providers page for more contact details.

New South Wales

The New Sales Wales Land for Wildlife scheme is coordinated by the Community Environment Network (CEN) in partnership with the New South Wales Government Office of Environment and Heritage.

w. Land for Wildlife

e. Online form

p. 02 4349 4756

Or head to the Regional Providers page for more contact details.

South-East Queensland

The south-east Queensland Land for Wildlife scheme is coordinated by Healthy Waterways and Catchments.

w. Land for Wildlife

Head to the Regional Providers page for specific contact details.

Northern Queensland – N/A

There are currently no Land for Wildlife programs running in far north Queensland.