Katherine Daly Rivers Register

Gregory's Tree - A Boab (Adansonia gregorii), listed as tree #1 in the Katherine-Daly River register. Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Under construction – please return later

Due for completion in October 2018

Online Register

We have brought the information into the digital age by GPS plotting each listing and developing an interactive database. You can download PDF fact sheets on the registered trees and take a ‘virtual’ tour of the register via an interactive Google Map.

Open the interactive map: Significant Trees Register (Coming soon!)

Zoom in and explore! Click the place-markers to read information about the trees and view photos. GPS locations are approximations only.

The NT Register of Significant Trees is managed by Land for Wildlife Central Australia, on behalf of the National Trust NT.

The register was initiated by the National Trust NT, with input from Greening Australia NT, and coordination by Land for Wildlife Central Australia since 2011.