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Domestic Pets


Want to keep a cat responsibly? Check out the guides by The Humane Society regarding keeping your cat indoors and helping outdoor cats adjust to life indoors – Download and Download

Land for Wildlife have been undertaking a Domestic Cat Monitoring and Awareness program in Alice Springs, using harness-mounted GPS units to track domestic cat movements around town. Studying the movements of roaming domestic cats highlights the need for responsible cat ownership. Learn more about the monitoring on our Projects page.

We have produced a brochure as part of the domestic cat monitoring and awareness program, which is entitled Where is Your Cat Now? – Download

We have an updated pamphlet for the Domestic Cat Monitoring and Awareness in Alice Springs project, as well as a new poster. Contact us if you wish to have a poster displayed in your business or school.


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Keeping Stock. NRM Land Notes fact sheet by the Northern Territory Government – Download