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Weeds and Pests

Weed Identification

You can view the Weeds of Alice Springs fact sheet to identify those pesky plants taking over the natives. Fact sheet by the Northern Territory Government – Download

Weed Reports

The introduced flora of Australia and its weed status. Report by RP Randall, CRC for Australian Weed Management WA – Download

Jumping the garden fence: invasive garden plants in Australia and their environmental and agricultural impacts. Report by RH Groves, R Boden, WM Lonsdale, CSIRO report for WWF-Australia – Download

Weed Control

The Managing Pests Organically fact sheet includes instructions on how to use some more eco-friendly alternatives to get some of the sap-sucking and chewing insects, as well as fungus, at bay. Learn about garlic spray, white oil, potassium soap, neem oil and pawpaw leaves and where to find them. Fact sheet by Greening Australia NT – Download

Alternatives to Chemicals. Fact sheet by the Government of South Australia – Download

To manage weeds effectively, it’s a good idea to set out a plan of attack. Here’s a couple of fact sheets to help you work out the right place to start and where to go – Download and Download

Introductory weed management manual. Produced by the Natural Heritage Trust, the Australian Government DEH and CRC for Weed Management – Download

Couch Grass

Managing creeping garden weeds, such as Couch Grass, requires persistence and a weed management plan – learn more about the basics on how to attack Couch. Fact sheet by Weed CRC – Download

Buffel Grass

Buffel Grass is a hot topic in Central Australia and control of this invasive grass requires ongoing efforts. While it is not currently listed as a weed in the Northern Territory, it is invasive and control on private properties is advised.

Buffel Grass AgNote. Fact sheet by the Northern Territory Government – Download

Buffel Grass weed management guide – managing weeds for biodiversity. All you need to know about Buffel Grass in Central Australia. Fact sheet by CRC for Weed Management – Download

Buffel Grass fact sheet by Desert Knowledge CRC – Download

Buffel grass: both friend and foe. An evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of Buffel Grass use, and recommendations for future research. Report by M Friedel, H Puckey, C O’Malley, M Waycott, A Smyth and G Miller through Desert Knowledge CRC, CSIRO, CRC Australia – Download

Buffel Grass distribution in Central Australia. Fact sheet by CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems – Download

A range of fact sheets by the Government of South Australia on the Identification (Download), Hygeine (Download) and Control (Download) of Buffel Grass.


Austrocylindropuntia & Cylindropuntia (Download) and Opuntia cacti (Download) are declared weeds. Learn how to identify these prickly problems. Identification sheet by Biosecurity SA and Caring for Our Country.

All declared Class A cactus infestations and plants (including garden plants) must be eradicated according to the Weeds Management Act. Bin It Don’t Spread It. Fact Sheet by the Northern Territory Government’s Weed Management Branch – Download

Weed management guide for Opuntioid cacti, including Austrocylindropuntia, Cylindropuntia and Opuntia species. Fact sheet compiled by S Potter from Biosecurity SA for Caring for Our Country – Download