Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife are partner programs providing landholders with recognition, connection to a like-minded community, as well as access to advice and support from environmental scientists with decades of experience in wildlife habitat protection and restoration in Central Australia.

Land for Wildlife is a volunteer nature conservation program that contributes to the construction of nature corridors or hotspots in the MacDonnell Ranges Bioregion by working alongside landholders on rural and peri-urban properties.

Garden for Wildlife is a program for urban and peri-urban residents, who are interested in maximising the utility of their town blocks as wildlife habitat. This program is crucial in developing corridors and patches of viable wildlife habitat in developed areas.

Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife was established by the Alice Springs Town Council in 2002. In 2005, the program was adopted by Low Ecological Services P/L, who currently host the program and provide expert advice and support. Low Ecological Services P/L is an environmental consulting company that offers an innovative, economic and common sense approach to minimising the impact of developments on the environment.

Get involved in conserving and restoring wildlife habitat on your property!

Become a Member

Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife support landholders to create biodiverse habitats on their private properties through provision of an expert property assessment and membership package, which contains information about natural resource management in central Australia. Members also receive access to ongoing advice and support, regular newsletters and invitations to free workshops and events.

Become a member and join the network! Email the coordinators (lfw@lowecol.com.au) or apply directly via our online application.

There are a host of members that have been working hard to regenerate wildlife habitat on their blocks, so we’ve profiled their progress to help share their success! Check out the Olive Pink Botanic Garden property profile, as well as for Bruce Simmons.

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Stay Up To Date

You can stay up to date with the latest news by following Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife on social media. We post regular blogs, articles of interest from third parties, and invites to local workshops and events of interest. Head to the Contact page and click on the relevant links to be directed to your social media platform of choice. You can also read the Blog to keep posted about interesting articles and activities between the monthly release of newsletters.

Participate in Workshops

Learn how to make a feral bird trap, attract wildlife to your property, identify tracks and scats, or care for local native plants… plus more! Land for Wildlife run a range of workshops and collaborate with other experts in the region to provide useful learning opportunities. Visit the Workshops page to find out more.

Take Part in a Biodiversity Survey

Land for Wildlife has conducted biodiversity surveys on member properties since 2007. They are an important tool in determining the success of land management activities carried out and to create a better understanding of species population dynamics in areas of mixed land use. The information gathered from the surveys adds to the knowledge of species distributions in areas that may otherwise pose access issues to do with land tenure and ownership. Read more about the Biodiversity Surveys and stay posted to find out when the next one is taking place.

Access Resources

Members receive a membership package, which includes a range of useful resources, such as weed identification guides, feral animal trapping advice, native fauna identification, native flora identification and planting information… plus more! Head to the Resources page to access further resources that may be of use to you, including Fact Sheets, Vegetation MapsBooks for Sale, and relevant Networks.

Learn About the Current Projects

Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife have a range of projects on the go that keep us busy and active in the community. Find out more about our Current Projects and perhaps get involved in one that interests you!

Contact Us With Specific Enquiries

Have a pressing question about wildlife habitat conservation, native plant identification, weed control, feral species control or native fauna? Head to the Contact page and find out how you can get in touch with us. Membership includes access to on-going support and advice, so get in touch and let us know how we can help!