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Junior Rangers get set for feral dove trapping

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Jesse on flipping duties, and Jacelyn on crowd control.

Saturday morning was beautiful, cool, and clear – perfect for a workshop. Jesse and Chris headed down to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station for a feral dove trapping workshop with the Alice Springs Junior Rangers.

Teamwork was the order of the day.

Undoubtedly a highlight for many of the budding ecologists was…. pancakes for morning tea. What a way to start the workshop! An inspired move by the illustrious organiser, Jacelyn Anderson.

The trap building was a family affair from the very start.

Once the pancakes were all gone, it didn’t take long for us to get down to business. After a short presentation about the impact of feral doves and the finer points of trapping ethics, we settled into some serious wire-working action.

The semi-cylinder was a popular design on the day.

The designs were many and varied – the junior rangers really put their imaginations to work in building some of the funkiest dove traps that Jesse and Chris have seen so far. Everyone who attended went away with a working dove trap to stick in their backyard to help reduce the feral population.

Tom puts the finishing touches to his masterpiece.

A big thank you to Jacelyn Anderson who organised the whole show – especially the pancakes – and thank you to all who attended and participated so energetically. Jesse and Chris look forward to counting up your catch records and hearing your tales of trapping adventures.