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Geoff & Denise Purdie’s Alice Springs Bird Disc Project

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Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo – just one of the stunning species on the Alice Springs bird list.

Some exciting news today with the announcement of a new project initiated by Land for Wildlife stalwarts, The Purdies. Anyone who has had the fortune of visiting their beautiful property out in Ilparpa, will have noticed the abundant birdlife around their home. Geoff and Denise have fostered an interest in the birdlife of Alice Springs for as long as they can remember and it has found an outlet now in their great new project.

Geoff has already put in a lot of work collating his photos, videos, and sound recordings of local birds into a DVD film. Geoff has generously invited collaboration from any Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife members who have photos they’d like to contribute to the project. Ideally, the DVD will provide as complete a picture as possible of the birds that residents might be able to find in their backyards around Alice Springs. It’ll be a great addition to the already comprehensive membership package that members receive on registration, and the disc will also be available to interested current members.

This is a great chance to get community spirit into a project that will prove to be a useful resource for new and long-term residents alike. If you have any photos that you’d like to contribute to the project then please send them through to the Land for Wildlife coordinators and we’ll forward them on to Geoff and Denise. Of course, any of your pictures that get used will be fully credited in the final product.

Send all your photos to lfw@lowecol.com.au

Great idea Purdies!