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Devil’s Advocate Deadline Looms

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Whoosh! Douglas Adams. Pic – Michael Hughes, wikicommons.

Douglas Adams, the late, great, author of the Dirk Gently and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy novels, was fond of saying how he loved deadlines. “I love the whooshing noise they make as they go past!”

Well, a deadline approaches. Before it gets to the point of making that lovely whooshing noise, get scribbling and submit your contributions for the rejuvenated Devils’s Advocate, slated for publication quarterly, starting this August.

The Devil’s Advocate was created by ALEC many moons ago and has fallen by the wayside during relocations, changes of staff, and the busy business of day to day life. It is rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes to again provide Centralians with an alternative publishing and advertising destination.

If you have a passion for any topics surrounding sustainability, the environment, arid-zone ecology, the arts, or anything else that might be juicy and interesting then Jimmy Cocking would love to hear from you.

The deadline is close of business on the 15th of July – that’s this Friday! You can email your submissions to the editorial staff at devilsadvocate@alec.org.au Remember to accompany your text with high res photos, with captions. If you can limit your contributions to 500-700 words then you have a better chance of the folks at ALEC being able to fit it into the giant jigsaw that will be the August rebirth edition.