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Extraordinary wet continues…

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The Todd flows… again.

So we didn’t quite cap the record rainfall of 1974 last year but we came very close. Back in ’74 we had 782.5mm recorded for the calendar year. In 2010 we came in at 769.6mm – so close.

However, it is instructive to look at the bigger picture. With rainfall stats just out for February the calendar year 2010 plus the first two months of 2011 gives us a total rainfall of 945mm. The same period for ’74/’75 gives only 883.7mm so there can be no doubt that we are experiencing a record-breaking wet season of considerable proportions.

There has been moderate flooding to the north of Alice Springs and swamps and wetlands have been filled to overflowing. Gilbert Swamp south of Tennant Creek has received its best filling for decades, as has Wycliffe Well, Stirling Swamp, and Napperby Creek.

Perhaps it’s a good time to check those erosion barriers?