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Congratulations LfW members – we’re all part of the solution

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This fantastic short film has appeared on Youtube.com with Professor Harry Recher discussing his fears for the future of Australia’s small bird populations. The good news is that all of the positive steps mentioned are encapsulated in the values and actions exhibited by Land for Wildlife members in their conservation efforts on their properties. Watch this great little video…

We’ll keep pushing on this subject, and we have plans for some bird identification workshops in the near future to help you make the most of the bush birds around your property. In conjunction with this we’re interested in getting members to conduct monthly surveys of the birdlife around their properties.

Crimson Chat (Epthianura tricolor)

This will be a highly pleasurable endeavour and need not take too much of your time, but if we can harness the enthusiasm and interests of all our members we may be able to compile some useful data about the state of bird populations around the different habitats of Alice Springs.

If you’re interested in getting a head start on your local bird knowledge you can visit the Birds Central website for news and information about local birds and birdwatching events around Alice Springs. You don’t need to be a trained ecologist, and you don’t even need a pair of binoculars. As Harry says in the film, even if all you can do is go outside and listen to the birds, then you will be raising awareness and that’s a step in the right direction.

We’ll finish with a relevant quotation from the late, great, Eubie Blake:

There are four important things to remember in life:

  1. Pay thunder no mind;
  2. Be grateful for luck;
  3. Don’t hate nobody;
  4. Listen to the birds.

Eubie Blake (1887 – 1983), Jazz Pianist, Composer, Philosopher, US.