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Native Plant Sale at Olive Pink Botanic Garden

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The Land for Wildlife and Garden for Wildlife team were at the Australian Plant Society Sale at Olive Pink Botanic Garden on the weekend – what a flurry of plant buying activity! Thanks to everyone that came over to say hi or express interest in joining up and good luck growing the little native beauties that you purchased!

If you missed out on chatting to us and want to know what native plants suit your patch of paradise, head over to our Vegetation Maps page – it has had a revamp with an easy to understand step-by-step guide and individual PDFs to download.

OPBG Plant Sale 2016
Caragh and Katie were there to give advice on planting natives to suit individual vegetation types (C. Appleby)
OPBG Plant Sale 2016
Calandrinia baskets overflowing ready to be snapped up by punters (C. Heenan)
OPBG Plant Sale 2016
Reaching for the light! Seedlings getting some nutrition while waiting to go to their new homes (C. Heenan)