OPBG Art Exhibition Opening with an Environmental Conscience

Ended — at Olive Pink Botanic Garden

We invite you to come and celebrate Opening Night of the ‘Buffel Busting’ Art Exhibition tonight at the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens, Alice Springs. Matt Grant’s superb exhibition of paintings entitled ‘Buffel Busting’ captures the essence and efforts of the Alice Springs community’s successes in battling Buffel Grass, an invasive weed that is threatening our Central Australian ecological communities.

Removing Buffel Grass and restoring the natural environment and public amenity in Alice Springs is superbly captured by Matt in his art pieces. We invite you to come and toast the determination, dedication and increasing success of Alice Springs’ Buffel Busting community and enjoy Matt Grant’s works with a glass of free champagne.

Two dedicated Buffel Busting community members; Rosalie and Sue, recently lead a group tour of the Spencer Valley Landcare Project. Everyone was entertained by a flock of 50 Red-tailed Black Cockatoos feasting on native plants in the restored landscape. Nothing highlights the importance and success of the community’s Buffel busting efforts better than such birds returning to restored landscapes, witnessing the natural environment recovering and experiencing the liveability and improvement of public amenities in Alice Springs for ourselves.

Bit by bit, every (little or big ) bit helps.

Do please come along, brings guests and pass along this invitation!

Invitiation to OPBG Art Exhibition
Invitation to Matt Grant’s Art Exhibition Opening – Olive Pink Botanic Gardens 12 July 2019

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Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Tuncks Road
Alice Springs, NT 0870