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World Turtle Day – Centralian Style…

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OK… so it’s not the best turtle sand sculpture ever, but we’re relying on points for effort and originality as dry desert sand just doesn’t cut it for sculpting and this may be the only entrant in the competition made from a sand dune in the centre of the continent.

From a certain angle it really did look like a turtle… honestly… perhaps if you squint really hard..

Well, perhaps it is the worst sand sculpture turtle ever, but hopefully it’s the thought that counts and it was all for a good cause. We’ve sent a message of support for the declaration of marine reserves across our northern coasts.

From left: Land for Wildlife Coordinators, Jesse Carpenter and Chris Watson, LES Consultant Holga Woyt. Photographer – Emily Bynon and not in the picture is Bingo the dog.

4 people and an amused dog spent an afternoon trying to turn red sand into a green turtle and if that isn’t worth a Wilderness Society T-shirt then I don’t know what is!