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Tangentyerre Nursery Open Day serves up a wealth of opportunities

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Tangentyerre Nursery held their open day on Saturday and Alice Springs turned on a beautiful March morning for the event. Jesse and I were there early to set up the Land for Wildlife/Garden for Wildlife stall and to be honest, there is nowhere else I would have rather been.

A big family of Variegated Fairy-wrens were playing in the cool morning air and Mistletoebirds were busy pecking ripe berries from clumps of mistletoe in the Acacias.  A lone Sacred Kingfisher paid the garden a visit and Grey-crowned Babblers were living up to their name around the edges of the nursery. It was a beautiful morning.

Once a few people had started arriving the Land for Wildlife stall got plenty of attention. In addition to getting several new interested landholders from around the region we re-established contact with one long term member who had lost contact due to the difficulties of living overseas for a period and changing email addresses.

By the end of the day, Land for Wildlife had received applications from 3 new properties. These three new properties will mean another ~16 000 acres of country coming under voluntary conservation management and the guidance of the Land for Wildlife program. The Garden for Wildlife program received a similar amount of interest with at least three new properties joining up and becoming part of our network of wildlife corridors criss-crossing the town.

One of the great things to see at the open day was how well the nursery itself is going. Mick is continuing his great work there with a fantastic range of healthy local plants available to fill your gardens with birds and other wildlife right through the winter. Tangentyerre collects all its seed from nearby properties and is a great business to support when you are doing some planting in your garden.