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Noogoora Burr in The Red Centre.

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Noogoora Burra has been discovered in Trephina Gorge to the east of Alice Springs.

Noogoora Burr, Xanthium occidentale. Distinctive size and shape of leaves. Trephina Gorge. All images by Jane Addison.
The burrs.
Spreads quickly along river systems.

Just another reason to be vigilant that no river sand is brought onto your property and if you have riverine habitat on your property this is another one to be on the lookout for.This is an invasive weed from the Americas and spreads along river systems. It is mildly toxic when it is younger and may cause contact dermatitis in humans and livestock. This weed is already well established through river systems in WA and the Top End.

For more information visit: http://www.weeds.org.au/cgi-bin/weedident.cgi?tpl=plant.tpl&ibra=all&card=H24