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New Year Heat Brings in the Wildlife

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A Willy Wagtail about to enjoy the fine spray of a leaking irrigation pipe.

It seems to happen every year in the Alice – 40+ degree¬†tempeartures welcoming the new year – and although weather like this makes headlines down south, it hardly rates a mention in Central Australia. It might sound suprising, but during the heat is a great time to check out the wildlife that’s using your garden as a summer holiday resort.

As the weather warms up and water holes begin to dry after several months without rainfall, wildlife that might normally avoid human habitation or be difficult to observe may be drawn to your property or backyard to utilise resources becoming scarce in the bush.

Having a bird bath located directly outside the office window offers a great opportunity to observe the behaviour of wildlife competing for the best drinking position. It’s also enabled us to add some specie sto the list that aren’t easily seen in the airport area of Alice Springs.