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National Tree Day – Sunday 31st July

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Ghost Gum – probably not suitable for every garden. Picture by Prince Roy, wikicommons.

National Tree Day is upon us again folks. Sunday week will be the day to head out to a site somewhere and plant a tree.

To locate a tree-planting site you can visit the National Tree Day website and enter your postcode for your nearest site. There’s the rub – no sites appear in Alice Springs yet. Perfect!

This is your chance to register a site. It is quick and easy to do on the website and will enable organisers and other folks to see that Alice Springs folks are doing their bit on Tree Day.

If you’d like to know the best species to plant in your area, you can contact the Land for Wildlife coordinators who will provide extensive species lists for every area around Alice Springs, matched to your soil-type and drainage. lfw@lowecol.com.au