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LfW Alice Springs on Twitter

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What’s all this twittering about?

We’ve searched high and low, far and wide, but it seems that Land for Wildlife in Alice Springs is now the first of the regional LfW groups to use Twitter.

It seems many of these social networking applications take some time to fully mature, but Twitter has been widely adopted by many in the conservation and NRM world so it was time that LfW took the plunge. It turns out to be a great way of receiving up-to-the-second information about community events and local news.

We’re hoping that through our use of Twitter we’ll be able to keep our members better in touch with relevant local issues and remain better connected to the NRM community in Alice. It is already proving its worth in spreading the word about the energetic work of voluntary conservationists in Central Australia; our account is being followed by Alice Springs Mayor, Damian Ryan and the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. If nothing else, it will be nice to know that messages will be flashing across a screen somewhere in Canberra each day about Mexican Poppy control, buffel-busting, or wildlife corridors through our desert town.

If you’re hooked up to Twitter already, you can follow us by looking for @LFW_Alice in your Twitter account – otherwise you can go and investigate by clicking this link to see our profile. If you’re not already using Twitter, but might be interested, it’s dead easy to sign up and doesn’t cost a penny. You can have a look for yourself at http://www.twitter.com/