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Fire Season Approaches with the Cooler Weather

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A fire front spreading out across the Wakaya Desert in April

By now we are all fully aware of the extraordinary rainfall that The Centre has experienced this year. Along with this, the undergrowth has thickened up and is now beginning to dry out. All of this has firefighters up and down the territory bracing for a record year of fires, particularly here in The Centre. Already there have been a few outbreaks of fire up around Tennant Creek and closer to Alice around Aileron Station.

If you have a property with heavy growth of Buffel Grass and other fire favourites then now is a good time to be thinking of putting in or maintaining fire breaks. To stand a chance of being effective, these need to be at least 4 metres wide and slashed down to a height of 250mm.

There is more information on fire awareness in your Land for Wildlife property assessment report, but you should already have devised a viable fire action plan for your property. People often underestimate the impact a fire might have on their property so it is good to avoid an unpleasant surprise and make sure you are prepared in case conditions change suddenly.

For more information on making sure your property is fire-ready, check some of the factsheets on the Land for Wildlife website at http://www.lowecol.com.au/