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Desert Snow!

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No, it’s not what you think. The weather hasn’t gone that crazy – yet. Long time Garden for Wildlife supporter Dave Price has sent in some more of his stunning photographs, this time of an often overlooked desert flower known as Desert Snow Macgregoria racemigera.

Desert Snow Macgregoria racemigera – picture by Dave Price.

This is a species which grows on the sandplains after good rains and may also be found in small depressions that might have a bit of shallow ground water.

Dave tells us, “These little beauties are growing at Kirrirdi south of Yuendumu. I’m told they grow next to the haul road at the Granites and near the bore field. They’re called ngapa-taraki-taraki in Warlpiri (ngapa means ‘water’ and also ‘rain’) and I’m told that they are an indication of water not far beneath the surface and worth the digging.”

More Desert Snow by Dave Price.

Thanks again for some more great images Dave.