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Video: Crested Bellbird

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A Crested Bellbird (Oreoica gutturalis) was snapped by the Land for Wildlife coordinator while hiking at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station on the weekend. The crested bellbird translates to ‘Panpanpalala’ in Pitjantjatjara and ‘Kwepalepale’ in Central Arrernte. This fun bird keeps a low profile and so isn’t seen often, but has an unmistakable call, which sounds much like the two Indigenous translations for its name. The bird is able to throw its voice, such that it sounds as though it is calling from another direction than it is actually located. From the walking track, it appeared to be calling from about 20 m away in a south-westerly direction but it was actually sitting in a Hakea lorea right by the track above my head!

See the video on Land for Wildlife’s YouTube channel!