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Bad news for Bee-eaters…a mass mortality event in Alice

— by Kate

On a sad note, numerous Rainbow Bee-eaters have recently been found dead in Ilparpa, Alice Springs. These deaths, although alarming, were not suspicious.  Seemingly a few dozen Bee-eaters were fairly lean from their migration effort to Alice from further north.  When Alice Springs had a cold snap just a few weeks ago, the Bee-eaters succumbed to hypothermia resulting in several dozen of them dying.

The stunning plumage of the Rainbow Bee-eater makes it a favourite among the public. Source: Caragh Heenan

If you come across a mass mortality such as the Bee-eaters situation, the NT Department of Parks and Wildlife should be notified to enable investigations into the cause.  Please contact John Tyne at the Department of Parks and Wildlife: 8951 8283, 0401 115 731, wildlife.management@nt.gov.au.  If you find any injured, sick or orphaned wildlife, Wildcare in Alice Springs is ready to assist: 0419 221 128. Remember too, that any local vet will accept wildlife at no charge.